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Hello and welcome!

About me

My name is Marat I. Latypov, I am a materials scientist, data scientist, visualization and programming enthusiast. At the moment, I am a researcher at University of Lorraine.

The areas of my expertise include

  • crystal plasticity
  • finite element analysis of metal forming and micromechanics
  • EBSD analysis
  • statistical description and quantification of microstructures
  • data-driven modeling of heterogeneous materials
  • MATLAB and Python

At the moment, I am most excited about interactive visualization (e.g. D3.js) and data sciences.

About this blog

The intent of this blog is to share some of my thoughts, codes, or computational frameworks, which were developed as by-products of my research activities. Please read Disclaimer below before continuing to the blog.


The opinions expressed in the blog represent my own and not those of the institutions I am (or was) affiliated with.

I am not affiliated with any of the organizations holding rights to the commercial or open-source software mentioned in the blog. All rights belong to their respective owners, refer to the corresponding licenses for the terms of use. I do not advocate for any software or service mentioned in the blog.

All the information, codes, and frameworks in the blog are provided as is, for informational purposes, in the hope that they will be useful, though with no warranties, expressed or implied, and with no rights conferred. So you can use them only at your own risk.

Questions and bug reports are welcome, however, note that I do not actively use many of the codes described in the blog anymore so that I may not be always able to address your question/request. Also, I am much more likely to respond to questions concerned directly with my codes rather than problems with compilation/installation of third-party software.

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